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EA Unlocked takes you behind the scenes at The Episcopal Academy. Join host and Head of School Dr. T.J. Locke as he interviews students and teachers, explores school traditions, and more. Subscribe on Apple, Stitcher, or Google Play!

Mar 6, 2024

The Episcopal Academy's Chapel program is an integral part of who we are at EA. Each week during Chapel, students in all three divisions hear from and have the opportunity to reflect on, powerful thoughts and messages from their peers, teachers, staff, alumni, and outside guests. There are well over 100 speakers each school year.

This episode highlights some of those speakers. Like last season's episode, "The Power of Words," short excerpts from some of the Chapel Talks were included in weekly @EAChapel Instagram #EAChapelMinute posts. 


  • Fr. Tim Gavin, Hon.
  • Rev. Michael Palmisano
  • Dr. T.J. Locke, Hon.
  • Aaron Hyman P '22, '29 
  • Eve Hyman '29
  • Eleni Kousoulis (Sister of 911 victim)
  • Fr. Rob Hagan O.S.A (Villanova Basketball team chaplain)
  • Na'rome Rayborn '24, Grace McHugh '24
  • Jenn Jones (Upper School Science Teacher)
  • Bert Howlin, Hon. (Middle School History Teacher)
  • Erica Snowden (DEI Executive Director)
  • Stevie Combs '25
  • Zach Richards, Hon. (Upper School Form Dean)
  • Michael Whalen '08 (Upper School History Teacher)
  • Tom Goebeler, Hon. (Upper School Math Teacher)
  • Lower School Chapel Council


  • US Students
  • LS Students
  • US Guitar Class
  • Steve Kerwin/Piano (Middle School Science Teacher)
  • Jim Erwin/Piano (Music Department Chair)