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Apr 18, 2023

Music and singing are an integral part of The Episcopal Academy's chapel program. Lower, Middle, and Upper School students work with Head Chaplain Tim Gavin and Middle School Chaplain Michael Palmisano to plan each service, along with the music teachers in each division. The tradition of singing in EA chapel dates back to the school's founding in 1785. Faculty, staff, and students, regardless of age, have their favorites!


  • Father Tim Gavin/Head Chaplain
  • Father Michael Palmisano/Middle School Chaplain
  • Jim Erwin/Music Director
  • Jayne Borras/Middle School Choral Director 
  • Deborah Newnham/Lower School Music Teacher & Choral Director
  • Kevin Landaiche '23/Vestry Accounting Warden
  • Kempley Bryant/Kindergarten Teacher
  • Niall Doherty/Middle School Spanish Teacher
  • Kim Piersall/Middle School Health Teacher
  • Girls in STEM Club Members