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Nov 1, 2023

Episcopal Academy alumni are working in fascinating careers all over the world. There are a handful who have taken their athletic talents to college and into the professional arena.

It is unusual for two alums from the same class, who play the same sport, and the same position, to be drafted by Major League Soccer and now play against each other on rival teams in the same city.

Matt Freese and AJ Marcucci are long-time teammates, friends, and both graduates of EA's class of 2017. AJ plays goalie for the New York Red Bulls and was a three-year starter at Connecticut College. Matt Freese launched his professional career in Philadelphia as a "homegrown" player with the Philadelphia Union after playing at Harvard University. He now is in goal for New York City FC.

During an entertaining conversation, AJ and Matt talk with EA Unlocked host Dr. T.J. Locke about their days at EA and life on the professional circuit.