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EA Unlocked takes you behind the scenes at The Episcopal Academy. Join host and Head of School Dr. T.J. Locke as he interviews students and teachers, explores school traditions, and more. Subscribe on Apple, Stitcher, or Google Play!

Nov 6, 2022

Spirit Week is underway at EA and the excitement is growing for the much-anticipated EA/Haverford/AIS Weekend.

With the coveted Sweater and Banner on the line, EA Unlocked host Dr. T.J. Locke recently spoke with some of the team captains to get their thoughts, strategies, and memories about the long-standing rivalry weekend.

Student-athlete guests: Aidan McHugh, Dakin Ebmeyer, Maya Naimoli, Lex Ventresca, Charly Bruder, Reese Bufala, Alec Tsaturyan, Shawn Wang, Maggie Lo, Riya Mukherjee, Eddie Jones, Jack Bonner, London Pettibone, Alex Gobran, Louie Beardell, Grayson Jakuc, Riley Thibodeau.